Fossils and Dinosaurs (KS1/KS2)



Before their massive extinction, 65 million years ago, many dinosaur species simply disappeared. Visit dinosaur graveyards, study their bones, and reconstruct how dinosaurs lived and died to solve four cold cases from the age of the dinosaurs.

Viewers discover the lives of multiple species of dinosaurs, from the Coelophysis of 205 million years ago to the Allosaurus and Diplodocus of the mid-Jurassic period.

Viewers will also see the feathered Sinornithosaurus of China and the T-rex and Triceratops that survived and thrived until the final extinction of all dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

The show introduces children to the concepts of continental drift, the study of fossils and climate change, as well as the lives of dinosaurs.

After the show a real fossil will be shown to the children to show what we can learn from this.

The show consists of a short introduction followed by the film – total length approx.  35 min

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