About Alpha Dome

About Us

Alpha Dome is a mobile planetarium that provides an exciting and imaginative way of presenting key concepts in science to school children. Whether it be discovering how fossils help us learn about the past or how the Earth, Sun and Moon interact – our shows will help children learn concepts from the current curriculum.

You may be aware of the current advances in space tourism, with Alpha Dome’s 360 degree shows Children can visit other planets without leaving the classroom! Of course this is exciting for the Children, but more importantly teaches them about science and sparks their interest in the field of science and technology.

Our lead presenter, Paul, has been a lifelong astronomy enthusiast, undertaking cosmology and astronomy OU courses as well being a member of the British Astronomical Association. Having met inspirational people from the world of science, such as the late Sir Patrick Moore,  Professor Stephen Hawking and cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, he aims to inspire the next generation to learn about science.

The Dome is visually engaging and novel for children but more importantly a great way to learn. Often teachers will devise a lesson to follow on from one of our shows to reinforce and build on what the children have learnt

We have developed our shows with content to help explain concepts from the current KS1, KS2 or KS3 curriculum covering ideas from how fossils help us learn about the age of dinosaurs to our place in the solar system and how we might explore it!

Whilst we have a number of set shows on our website there is a certain amount of tailoring that can be done to suit your school’s needs. We always consult with schools before a show to plan our presentation around what is being leant in the classroom.