Schools feedback

 Below are a few of the comments we have received for our mobile planetarium, together with some examples of school visits.


Beech Hall School

“I thought it was a fantastic activity and the children loved it so much, many thanks indeed.”


Elm Tree Community Primary School

“Thank you so much for yesterday, all the children really enjoyed it. Hope to see you again soon.”


St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School

“I would like to say thank you again for your contribution to our science festival. Feedback from all visitors has been very positive, in no small part due to your dome. Thank you for being so flexible in what you were able to present.”


Kings Leadership Academy

“Thanks so much for coming in the kids loved it!


Aintree Primary School

“It was brilliant we had such good feedback thank you.”


Dawley Primary School

“A huge thank you for visiting our school and sharing the planetarium experience with us. The children absolutely love it.”


St. Oswalds Primary School

“Thank you for visiting us, the children really enjoyed it!”


Queenswood Primary School

“Thank you so much. The Children really enjoyed it!”


Boreham Primary School

“The children loved it, designing adverts for journeys to holiday destinations of planets over the weekend! Thanks again”


The Meadow Primary School

“I have heard wonderful things about the day and the children loved it- thank you!” – Assistant Head Teacher

As the whole of KS2 were on a field trip we were booked to show the younger children the wonders of space, and in particular the Earth’s neighbours in the Solar System.

The first two of the four shows were for the youngest children in the school. Rather than present the same show to all four classes we used the ‘Solar System Adventure’ film for the youngest children to introduce them to the planets. In the introduction we used our planetarium software to demonstrate the movement of the Sun and stars, and explain some basic facts about the night sky and astronomy.

For the older classes the introduction was slightly more in depth followed by the longer film ‘Great Planet Adventures’. The children were familiar with the different planets of the Solar System and concepts such as the force of gravity, with the film being a great way to build upon their knowledge whilst they are having fun immersed in a 360 degree planetarium show. We enjoyed our day at The Meadow Primary School, as did the children and teachers!


Leigh and Branford Primary School

A teacher from the school had seen us at the RHS Malvern Spring Show and, having a keen interest in space himself, booked us up for his years 4 to 6 classes who had been studying the Solar System.  Following an introduction to astronomy and the solar system, the children watched ‘Great Planet Adventures’. The children had a good foundation knowledge of the planets. The presentation built on this, looking more closely at different atmospheres, gravity, surface types and all the things that we would need to take into account should we visit, as well as how we might have fun on the other planets.

The teacher’s enthusiasm for space had clearly rubbed off on the pupils as they bombarded me us with 30 minutes of great questions after the show!



The Martin Wilson Primary School

We were contacted to organise presentations for the morning slot from 9.30am to 11.20am. The class was a mixed class of years 4 and 5, with 30 children in total.

As it was the same group of children for both presentations we showed two different presentations – ‘A Journey into Outer Space’, and ‘Back to the Moon’. The first presentation began with an introduction to our Solar System, from ancient beliefs to the modern era of space travel. This was followed by the film ‘Great Planet Adventures’, which looks at how we might live on other planets based on what we know from studying their atmosphere, temperature, gravity etc.

This was followed by ‘Back to the Moon’, continuing the theme of space travel, but looking at how private companies and individuals are becoming involved in the space race. Starting with an introduction to the Moon, there was then a film showing early Lunar missions and the future of travel to the Moon with the Google Lunar X Prize.

Our mobile planetarium set up in a school hall

Our 5 meter mobile planetarium


Stockton Primary School

We had a great full day at Stockton Primary School, and as you can see in the image, above featured on their July newsletter. After initial contact a brief visit was needed to measure their hall just to double check it was big enough for our mobile planetarium.

There was a wide range of Children to see during the day, from years 1 to 6 and made the front page of their newsletter! As there was a wide range of ages we showed 2 different presentations. ‘Earth and Beyond’ for the younger ones, with a more simplistic introduction and a film to introduce them to our Solar System. For the older children we used ‘Journey into Outer Space’, which contains more detail on the beginnings of our understanding of the Solar System, through to modern space travel and the future of space tourism. The film part took the children on a trip trough our Solar System imagining how we might live on other planets based on the facts we know about those planets.

A few of the comments were  –

“It was really amazing, it felt like we were actually moving through space”  (Warren)

“I thought it was an amazing experience to know what it’s like in space. I loved when the astronaut came up above your head” (Isobella)

“It was great to see what it was actually like in space and what it is like with no gravity, and fun facts you never knew” (Ella)

“The film was so amazing because when you looked up you could see the planets, stars, and more. If I could have the chance to do it again I would say yes it is the best.”  (Isobel)


Minet Primary School

We visited Minet School near Heathrow , as the children are learning all about the planets.  What better way to see the planets up close than in a 360 degree mobile planetarium?

As there were so many pupils eager to experience the immersive dome we scheduled 8 viewings of the ‘Great Planet Adventures’, having  30 minutes available per slot.  This allowed around 200 children (not to mention quite a few teachers!) to see our show in one day.

School children outside our 5 meter mobile planetarium

The children of Minet Primary School


Powells Primary School

We had a great time at Powells Primary School. As part of  their science week  Alpha Dome presented 10 shows over 2 days. ‘A Journey into Outer Space’ went down a treat with the children, taking them on a trip into the future of space travel in our Solar System. The focus of their science week was water, so we tailored our introduction to link the importance of water, both here on Earth and in space, followed with show on how people might live on other planets.  As one of the teacher’s from a morning session put it “..Children were all really engaged and loved it  – still talking about it this afternoon.”

School children waiting for a space show

Children waiting for a space show