Space Tourism

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You may have heard the exciting news that Spacex is set to take 2 people to the Moon next year on a privately funded trip.  Others have expressed an interest and there may well be more announced in the near future. Of course you will need tens of millions of pounds if you were thinking of going, and still have to undergo strict physical health checks and training.

The plan is to use the same launch pad as the Apollo missions, the last one being some 45 years ago. The individuals will then be on a course to circumnavigate the Moon. Their ultimate goal is to take space tourism to Mars – perhaps some of the children in your school will be the first to go Mars, or be the engineers, computer programmers or communications specialists needed to work on space exploration.

Private individuals have already paid to visit the International Space Station, and a number of spaceport  sites have already been proposed for development in the UK. It seems that space tourism is really moving forward.

Of  course we can’t all afford to take a trip to the moon, but you can take a virtual tour through the Solar System with one of our Alpha Dome shows. Who knows, perhaps a visit from us will help to inspire some future careers in the space tourism industry?


You can read more on the Spacex website here

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